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​​​​​​Typically used alongside the DH-Style Aluminum Beam, the DH-Style stringer's strength and lightweight characteristics make it an optimal choice for concrete shoring applications. This style of beam is known for its superior strength to weight ratio, and ease of use during installation.



  • HEIGHT: 7-1/4”
  • LBS/FT RAW: ~4.176
  • LBS/FT W/INSERT: ~5.045
  • RED. RATIO: 34.56


  • Structural Testing: Complete/P.E. Stamped
  • Load Chart: Complete/P.E. Stamped 
  • YIELD STRESS: 40,000 psi
  • YOUNG’S MODULUS: 10,000,000 psi
  • ALLOWABLE DEFLECTION (INCHES): L (inches) / 360, or up to 0.25” max


  • Cut tolerance: +.312/-0
  • Insert: Plastic nailer strip
  • Fasteners: Carbon Steel
  • Origin: Cleveland, OH
  • Finish/Type: Mill/NEW
  • Lead time: 3-4 weeks if not in stock. 
  • (1) Mechanical and chemical test reports are provided following each run
    (2) Structural analyses & load reports available upon request
    (3) Pricing includes all insert material cost and fabrication. Plastic inserts are standard.
    (4) Aluminum Association standard tolerances apply, unless otherwise noted and accepted by NRS Industries.
    (5) Credit terms pending Credit Department approval.
    (6) The above weights, pricing and press minimum requirements are based on standardized rates and are subject to change based on international destination and number of trucks/containers needed to fulfill shipment. Shipping weight will be multiplied by each multiple of 48,000 lbs during invoice creation.
  • Please note: prices of all products are updated the 1st of each month to reflect shifting aluminum costs.
  • Pre-payment required for new customers. Once an established customer, we offer credit limits to qualifying companies as well as 1%/10 net 30. Please contact us if you would like a PDF quote emailed instead of an online order with the trailing 12 month aluminum costs- we are happy to oblige! 
  • See terms and conditions for full details.

7.25" x 5" DH-style Stringer

PriceFrom $11.66
  • We are based in Cleveland, OH. Freight can be arranged for you or you can arrange your own freight carrier. Cost varies; expect $1150-1500 for most orders shipped within the U.S. We will contact you regarding a freight qoute once we receive your order. For new customers, pre-payment of the first shipment is required. Once an established customer, we offer credit limits to qualifying companies.

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